Meet Your Stylist- Adelina Hellenbrand.

Don’t you feel more comfortable with someone you know than a stranger? It’s important to know the person behind the salon chair. Knowing your stylist’s legacy is a must!

Adelina Hellebrand is the owner and visionary of Adelina’s Hairstyles which is a salon that services every family member in your household. Located in Baraboo WI.

Why read this?

  • Because it gives you an insight of what Adelina brings to the table. Where did she study? What are her goals and objectives? What type of salon does she run?
  • This will help you gain a better understanding of cosmetology and why Adelina is your go-to stylist!

Adelina’s Hairstyle’s is a family ran business. Adelina Hellenbrand and Daniel Hellenbrand are the owners and operate the business daily. The marketing team is built of their children Sarah and Ude. Orlando; one of the eldest son, will soon become a barber at Adelina’s Hairstyles. Adelina is the stylist; she brings 10 years plus of cosmetology experience. Adelina has always been an entrepreneur and was the owner of different types of businesses.

With all her children out of the house, she found herself looking for a new adventure and was looking for a career move. She had always had a passion for cuttting her family members hair and was dreamt of becoming a cosmetologist . She embarked on her new adventure and decided to go out of state for college. She attended UCAS University of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences in Texas, where to learned all the ins and outs of cosmetology. She successfully completed her program and became a licensed cosmetologist. The cosmetology program she took encompasses a large amount of subjects such as hair theory, haircutting techniques, chemical reformation, adequate salon practices, nail care, skin care and knowledge of beauty products. After graduation, she worked for 5 years at nation-wide hair salons to gain practice and refine her skills. With her entrepreneur mindset, she set a goal to open her own salon. Soon after, her husband and children supported her in this journey.

Adelina’s Hairstyles focuses on making the client feel at home during their visit. At her salon, Adelina ensures that all her clients are heard in order to fully understand what they want to get out of the service. She ensures that she gets it right the first time. Adelina genuinely loves her profession and enjoys interacting with her clients daily. She strives to build lifelong relationships with her clients. Always ready to assist them with all their grooming needs. Her goal is for the salon to be a one-stop shop, where anyone from the parents, to kids, and even grandparents are taken care of.

Whether its just a haircut or a more in depth service such as facial treatment or hair treatment. You name it, Adelina is well versed in it. She ensures to have continued education by attending national cosmetology events and workshops which allows her to be updated with the most current trends and techniques. She’s got her certificates to prove it! Haha! Make sure to spot them on your next visit!

Adelina is a family orientated person. Her values and morals are what keeps her grounded which makes her relatable to anyone that walks into her salon. She is a bilingual women, originally from Texas however has resided in Wisconsin for the last 25 years. She is happily married to her best friend, Daniel Hellebrand. Both are active citizens of Baraboo WI and enjoy bike rides on the weekends. Her main goal is to one have multiple salon locations and continue building lifelong relationships with her clients! Will you be her next client?

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